Glasgow Travel Guide

Glasgow is the largest populated city of Scotland that is positioned towards the south of central Scotland. In the year, its estimated population was around 557,869 with population density at 3,188 per km². The city derives its name from Brythonic glas cu that meant green hollow, and is at times referred to as 'the dear green place'. The city has a popular pseudonym 'Glesga', which is used by the Glaswegians to refer to themselves. Its rich history comprises the Roman times, whence a wall was constructed to divide the Roman britannia from the Celts as well as the Picts in Caledonia. Even at present, the still exists in the city of Glasgow. In the 12th century, Glasgow was granted the city status that was also marked by the construction of a cathedral in the area.

Glasgow is a surprisingly romantic city with a swirl of myth. The name of this city refers to “the dear, green place”, which is very well justifying for this exquisite destination. It has in fact hosted the immensely popular Glasgow Garden Festival in 1988. It was bestowed with the title of the UK City of Architecture and Design in 1999. Millions of tourists come here round the world, enticed by its wealth of cultural attractions and exciting activities. This friendly city is known for its warm welcoming nature that makes it all the more wonderful to visit. There are plenty of historical places, museums and art galleries to visit. You can explore stupendous architecture and parks and gardens. Shopping opens up a wide range of avenues in this city of learning. You can indulge in very many exciting sports. A visit to this amazing city would surely make you feel awe stuck.

Hotels in Glasgow

There are arrays of hotels in Glasgow that can be your comfortable stay while your visit to Glasgow. These include Hotel du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens, Radisson Sas Hotel Glasgow, Hilton Glasgow and many others. You can find the one as per your needs.

Famous Places in Glasgow

Some of the most popular visitors attractions are Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow Green, Glasgow Museum Resource Centre, The Lighthouse, Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow Science Centre & Tower & IMAX, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery and many more. It has something for everyone.

Night Life in Glasgow

Glasgow boasts of an exciting night life. There are a number of night clubs, pubs that promises a wild night life with lots of vibrancy. You can drink, dance and enjoy live music performances. 

Entertainment in Glasgow

There are very many ways to indulge in a number of entertaining activities including comedy clubs, theatres and a lot more. For sporty spirits, there are world class football stadiums, Kelvin Hal sports Arena and very many avenues for several leisure facilities. With so many restaurants, pubs and night clubs, there is no chance of your getting bore in this vibrant city.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Glasgow

Here you can relish world famous cuisines like Italian, Thai, Japanese, Lebanses, Australian, English, Indian and many more from the top most restaurants and bars.

Where to Stay in Glasgow

Inns, apartment, cottages and self catering places are there to offer an affordable stay while visiting Glasgow.

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