Gloucester Travel Guide

Gloucester on the east bank of the River Severnon within the Cotswolds is located towards the south-west England that nearby the Welsh border. Gloucester is situated on the site of a Roman fortress that dates back to the 1st century AD, while Gloucester was a colonia or an armed stronghold and autonomous state administered by the colonists who resided therein.

Gloucester is a historic waterfront city with Roman roots, magnificent Norman Cathedral and Victorian Docklands gelling well with the bustling city centre having an incredible range of markets, shops, pubs, restaurants and many other attractions for visitors. You can enjoy the literary links tied with Beatrix Potter’s Tailor of Gloucester, as well as the Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral that had served as a location for the highly acclaimed Harry Potter movies. You can explore nature at its best while touring the forest of Dean and the Cotswolds, without missing the comfort of your home as this place a number of comfortable accommodations and delicious food.

Hotels in Gloucester

There is a long list of hotels in Gloucester that ensure a welcoming stay during your visit to Gloucester. These are Bell Hotel, Old Manse Hotel, Bear of Rodborough Classic Hotel, Buckland Manor, Charingworth Manor and many more. You can easily choose the one that suits your budget and requirement.

Famous Places in Gloucester

Gloucester holds a number of attractions for individuals with artistic temperament. There are a large number of museums, art galleries, antiques and collectible fair, exhibitions and much more to explore. Apart from this, there are Cathedrals, churches and modern buildings.

Night Life in Gloucester

Gloucester has plethora of exciting night clubs that would surely appeal you. Some of these are Bar Havana, Boom, Blush Night club, Club Splash, Crackers Nightclub, Envy Nightclub and many more.

Entertainment in Gloucester

You can indulge in a wide range of leisure activities from dining to drinking and innumerable other interesting hobbies. These include karting, sports, skateboarding, skating, swimming, ice skating, hot air balloons and so on. You will find various museums, music, performing arts, films and cinemas.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Gloucester

Gloucester showcases various top restaurants and bars including Allium, Chilli Pepper,
Daffodil and many more that offers most famous cuisines of the world. If you are a gourmet, then visiting Gloucester is a good choice.

Where to Stay in Gloucester

If you are worried about cost factor, then Gloucester offers plenty of choices that take care of this. You have a wide range of choice like inns, cottages, apartment, self catering places and many more. This can be soothing for your pocket and at the same time offer comfort of your home.

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