Lisburn Travel Guide

Lisburn is positioned within the County of Northern Irish's Antrim, towards the east of Northern Ireland. It comprises of a population about 110,000 with a population density that is moderately low at 243 per km². In the year 1707, there was a massive fire here in 1707 which was responsible for damage of numerous of the town buildings. The city of Lisburn received the status of a city status in the year 2002 by Queen Elizabeth II.

It has also witnessed the negotiations between Lord Hillsborough and Ben Franklin for the reason- 'the War of Independence in America'. It is situated on the river Lagan upstream of Belfast and serves as a commuter city to Belfast.

Lisburn, a chiefly unionist city is situated in Northern Ireland. It was previously a borough that received city status in the year 2002 along with Newry as an element of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee celebrations. Even though it has city status, the region comprises of the town of Lisburn, enclosed by a far-reaching countryside and semi-rural neighborhood.

The city of Lisburn is also renowned as the place of birth of Ireland's linen industry that was set up in 1698 by Louis Crommelin and other Huguenots. It also has a popular shopping centre. Lisburn is amongst the four constituent cities that forms the Dublin-Belfast corridor.

Hotels in Lisburn

There are numerous hotels that can be found within the city of Lisburn. These hotels can suit various budgetary constraints appropriately. Balmoral Hotel, Days Hotel, Ramada Hotel, Lisnoe old Farm House, Ballycanal Manor Bed and Breakfast, Good Cottages, Anahilt Guest Lodge and many more. In accordance to your convenience and monetary constraints, make your choice of hotels in Lisburn

Famous Places in Lisburn

Being the historic city of the source for linen industry, the Lisburn Museum is a delight to visit. Lagan Valley Regional Park, a natural spectacle is one of the other famous places in Lisburn. Downshire Monument, Giants Rings, and Moira are amongst the heritage sites that are worth a view in the city.

Night life in Lisburn

The night life in the city of Lisburn is quite active. There are several pubs and bars in the city that can keep locales and tourists entertained.

Entertainment in Lisburn

Restaurants, bars, theatres, and heritage sites offer an ideal entertainment. There are a number of entertainment spots in Lisburn for both locales and tourists. Numerous designer shops have also sprung up in the city that encourages the linen industry set in a contemporary trend.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Lisburn

Some of the top restaurants and bars in Lisburn are inclusive of CreatiV coffee, Laverys Bar, club and live Music Venue, Ni Travel, Clenaghans, Suki Tea, Barista Coffee House, Budda Belfast, Taste Cafe & Bistro, and Mermaid inn. These restaurants and bars are located in different sites of Lisburn that one can locate by means of some guidance through guide books.

Where to Stay in Lisburn

The place of accommodation for your stay in Lisburn would be dependent upon various factors. There is provision of lodges, cottages, hotels, rest houses in the city, so that one can choose an ideal accommodation as per his or her needs.

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