Londonderry Travel Guide

Londonderry is positioned within the north of Northern Ireland with a population size of 105,066, being one of the longest inhabited cities in Ireland. The name of Londonderry is argued between the Catholic nationalists and the Protestant unionists. To nationalists it is known as Derry and to unionists it is known as Londonderry, which is usually viewed in political discourse.

Londonderry is also referred to as Derry, which means Oak wood. It is a city in Northern Ireland. It is one of the most sought after places to visit with enriching and varied culture. The City Walls are home to very many museums, art galleries and theatres. You can witness the most thriving literary and music scenes here. With the serene environment of Londonderry, you can relive the glorious past of this city. There are a large number of places commemorated with wealth of history. The stunning Tower Museum explains the story of Derry’s history, right from it ecological formation to the present day. It envelopes everything from the Plantation to the disturbed political past of the city. It also houses the Armada Shipwreck exhibition, dealing with the revival of La Trinidad Valencera. There are many more museums and halls associated with the history of this astonishing place. You can explore all these hidden secrets and at the same time, enjoy the world famous cuisines, exciting attractions, night life of Londonderry.

Hotels in Londonderry

Londonderry boasts of a large number of luxurious hotels that can be your comfortable stay during your visit to this city. These include Everglades Hotel, White Horse Hotel, Tower Hotel Londonderry, City Hotel Londonderry and Drummond Hotel Londonderry.

Famous Places in Londonderry

Londonderry boasts of innumerable famous places to visit for its visitors, as well as residents. Some of the most visited tourist destinations in Londonderry are Earhart Centre and Wildlife sanctuary, Harbour Museum, Orchard Gallery, Workhouse Museum, Tower Museum, Strand Multiplex and many more.

Night Life in Londonderry

Get ready for a thrilling night life in Londonderry. It has plenty of exciting night clubs, and pubs, where you can plan a memorable night out.

Entertainment in Londonderry

You can enjoy utmost in Londonderry with so many awesome attractions. There are various art centers, cathedrals, museum, cinema, shopping complex and so on. If you are a gourmet, visiting Londonderry is surely going to be fun for you with so many world class restaurants, pubs, bars and vibrant night life.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Londonderry

You can relish the most delicious dishes from different parts of the world. There are several restaurants offering Thai, Italian, Russian, Chinese, English and Lebanese food.

Where to Stay in Londonderry

For staying, there are a large number of options like inns, lodges, cottages, apartments, self catering places. Make your choice after considering all the factors including your requirement, budgetary constraints.

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