Manchester Travel Guide

Manchester is positioned towards the North West of England. In the year 2002, its estimated population was around 422,302. The city was even voted as England's second city in the year 2004, to the lead of Birmingham for the 1st time. Manchester was established upon in the Roman times wherein a general called 'Agricola' founded a fort referred to as 'Mamucium', that meant 'breast shaped hill'.

It even has an extensive history in cotton production that dates back to the time when the Flemish weavers settled herein in the 14th century up to the Industrial revolution. It was in the 1990's that Manchester produce the epithet 'Gunchester' subsequent to its rise in gun crime carried out by young men in the local clubs. The region of Canal Street within the city has earned it the standing of 'Gay capital of the UK' owing to its vivacious gay culture.

Manchester is a city and metropolitan borough, which got the status of a city in 1853. it is situated in the north-western part of England. This metropolis lies in a basin bounded by mountains and three rivers and is inhabited by 441,000 people. This place has a humid climate with maximum rainfall in autumn and summer. It was one of the few first industrialized cities in the world with densely populated by immigrants. It is purely reflected by the culture of this city. Manchester has played a crucial role in the Industrial Revolution, with centre of cotton spinning and textile manufacture.

Hotels in Manchester

Some of the featured hotels in Manchester to offer you a comfortable stay, while your visit to Manchester are Blue Rainbow Apart hotel, Radisson Edwardian Manchester, Hilton Manchester Deansgate and so on. Most of these hotels are located near major attractions so you don’t have to waste much of your time in travelling.

Famous Places in Manchester

Being a former industrial powerhouse, Manchester offers Castlefield Urban Heritage Park having an astonishing cityscape of bridges, canals, viaducts and warehouses, which makes it all the more fascinating. Then there is Urbis, a stunning, futuristic museum dedicated to cities and the way human beings respond to them. The buildings of Manchester represent a wide variety of architectural styles from Victorian to Contemporary architecture. Manchester Town Hall was constructed as per gothic revival style and is the most crucial Victorian building in the England.

Night Life in Manchester

Manchester boasts of legendry nightlife. There are plenty of bars and pubs, diverse live music scene and dynamic clubs. Some of these are Cord Bar, an amiable and trendy spot, The Old Wellington Inn and so on.

Entertainment in Manchester

Manchester is full of entertainment for its residents, as well as visitors. There are several museums like Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Museum, Palace Theatre, Fletcher Moss Gardens and many more.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Manchester

You can be assured of finding great food and extensive list of wines from, all over the world. One of these are Choice Bar and Restaurant, it is the finest restaurants in the UK.

Where to Stay in Manchester

Manchester presents several avenues to stay while visiting this amazing place. You can even save a lot on your pocket with the various inns, self catering places, cottages, apartments available here. In addition to this, you can find a place according to your specific needs.

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