Newry Travel Guide

Newry is positioned in the County Down within Northern Ireland. It is at equal distance from both Belfast and Dublin. The city of Newry is estimated to comprise of about 30,000 in the year 2001. In the year 1144, it began as a settlement close by to a Cistercian monastery. It was used as a stronghold as well as market town, and in the year 1742, a port was also constructed. In fact, the city has the 1st canal of Ireland that was opened for a linkage with Lough Neagh. It got the status of a city status in the year 2002 by the Queen Elizabeth II.

Newry is the fourth biggest city in Northern Ireland, and is listed eighth on the island of Ireland. Newry is 34 miles from Belfast and about 67 miles from Dublin. It was established in the year 1144 together with a Cistercian monastery, and is amongst the oldest towns of Northern Ireland. The city of Newry is also amongst the part cities of the Dublin-Belfast corridor.

It developed as a market town as well as a stronghold and later became a port in the year 1742, whence it was associated to Lough Neagh by the first summit-level canal within the British Isles. Newry and Lisburn were granted the status of city in the year 20002, as a part of the Golden Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth.

The present city of Newry was a significant spot of trade in early Ireland, owing to itsplacement between Belfast and Dublin. The city is reputed to be the best provincial shopping-towns in the region of Northern Ireland.

Hotels in Newry

There are numerous hotels that can be found within the city of Newry. These hotels can suit various budgetary constraints appropriately. Canal Court Hotel, Cross Square Hotel, Marymount, Belmont Hall and many more are amidst some of the options of hotels that can be located in Newry.

Famous Places in Newry

Newry has a rich historical heritage that is reflected through the presence of several monuments. Newry Cathedral, Greencastle, Narrow Water Castle, The Dorsy, Crawtree Stone and many more. Apart from these historic specimens, there are museums and heritage centers as well in the city of Newry that are famous tourists’ spots.

Night Life in Newry

The presence of numerous casinos, pubs, bars, and clubs is indicative towards an active night life in Newry. MCG Pubs Ltd, Jacobs Halls, and Old Number Seven are some of the popular night life hang-outs in the city of Newry.

Entertainment in Newry

For entertainment in the city of Newry, there are wide range of shopping centers, restaurants, bars, cultural activities as well as places of interests for both locales and tourists. A number of guided tours are also organized in and around the city that can keep visitors entertained.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Newry

There are a numbers of restaurants and bars in Newry that cater to the needs of locales as well as tourists. Railway bar, Orchard bar, Red Star bar, McLouthlin Bars And Bistro, and Keenans Bar And Restaurant are amongst the top restaurants and bars that can be found in the city of Newry.

Where to Stay in Newry

There is provision of lodges, cottages, hotels, rest houses in the city, so that one can choose an ideal accommodation as per his or her needs.

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