Norwich Travel Guide

Norwich is located in the county of Norfolk to the east of England. The city is identical to Rouen in France, Novi Sad in Serbia as well as Koblenz in Germany. Norwich has a prosperous historical backdrop with the reigns of the Romans, the Iceni, the Anglo-Saxons, the Late Saxons, the Normans, as well as the Vikings. The expression 'Norvic' emerges on coins minted during the early 10th century in the reign of King Athelstan. For the duration of the Norman Conquest, the city was the biggest in England. In the Middle Ages, a large wool trade generated produced enormous wealth in the area, and as a consequence it has the highest number of medieval churches in the western sphere of Europe. Canary is the emblem for Norwich emblem.

Norwich is located in the heart of East Anglia, which is the momentous city of Norwich. It has everything that you can expect from a vibrant holiday vacation and strike the perfect balance between an enticing medieval city and blooming modern metropolis. The castle and Norman cathedral dominates the city. It has some of the best Romanesque buildings of Europe. It boasts of 1000 of carved roof bosses and monastic cloisters. It has the most complete medieval street pattern in England with some cobbled lanes and exquisitely preserved streets. Norwich has been voted as one of the top ten shopping cities of the Britain.

Hotels in Norwich

There are plenty of awesome places that can serve as an accommodation, while your visit to Norwich. You can choose a hotel, as per your requirement and that suits your budget well. Some of most luxurious hotels in Norwich are Oaklands Hotel & Restaurants, The Georgian House Hotel, Catton Old Hall, Maids Head Hotel, Old Brewery House Hotel and so on. Most of these are located near the major attractions. It means that you won’t end up feeling exhausted in traveling and enjoy your vacation to the fullest brim.

Famous Places in Norwich

Visiting Norwich can be a great break for you and your family. Some of the most famous places in Norwich are Norwich Cathedral, museums of old Norwich, the cobbled streets, Cow Tower, The Castle, Colman’s Shop, The Forum and Dragon Hall. Apart from being in the list of top ten shopping centers, it is ranked the biggest outdoor markets in England and 147th biggest city in Europe.

Night Life in Norwich

Numerous nightclubs, bars and various restaurants to dine and enjoy the night life with the most vivacious music and live performances are there. You can enjoy the most happening night life at Norwich.

Entertainment in Norwich

As far as, entertainment is concerned, Norwich hosts a number of festivals, exhibitions, concerts round the year. Some of the most renowned ones are East International at the Norwich Gallery, the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and many such exhibitions. You can relish mouth watering cuisines like Moroccan, Thai, English, Lebanese and many more.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Norwich

Norwich boasts of a wide range of restaurants that offer various delicious cuisines including Thai, Lebanese, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and so on. Some of the most prominent are Don Pepe, Tatlers Restaurant, Three Ways Restaurants and many more.

Where to Stay in Norwich

For accommodation purpose, there are plenty of choices like inns, apartments, cottages, self catering places and many more. You can choose the one that is most confirming to your requirements and pocket, as well.

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