Oxford Travel Guide

Oxford is positioned in Oxfordshire, England with a population of 134,248 in accordance to the 2001 census. It is most renowned for the oldest university in the world, the Oxford University. It was initially occupied as a city during the Saxon times, named 'Oxanforda'. It was even invaded by the Danes on countless occasions. Oxford witnessed rapid industrial and population growth at the turn of the 20th century. In the 1920's, it saw sound founded printing and publishing industries. The present day, Oxford is an industrial city that is associated with the production of cars.

Oxford is the county town and city of Oxfordshire, located in South East England. It is home to the oldest university in the English speaking world. The architect of the buildings of Oxford marks the arrival of the Saxon. It is even referred to as “city of dreaming spires”, which was coined by the great poet Matthew Arnold for the harmonious architecture of buildings of the Oxford university. It is a perfect blend of ancient and modern offering a glimpse at the transition phase. It has homed royalty, as well as scholars for almost 800 years. However, today it is a lively cosmopolitan town that is growing stupendously as a high tech community.

Hotels in Oxford

There are various hotels that are located at the heart of the city that offers a comfortable stay while spending vacation in Oxford. Some of these are Mac Donald Randolph Hotel, The White Horse, Newton House, Westwood Country Hotel, Pickwicks and many more.

Famous Places in Oxford

Oxford has enriching culture and glorious past, as a result of which it boasts of very many major attractions that are a must visit. These are University Colleges, including Christ Church College, Lincoln College, Keble College and Merton College. The Cherwell River is a tributary of the River Thames flowing through Oxford. Apart from this, there are some Playhouses, you can dine at the Randolph and glance through Oxford Story.

Night Life in Oxford

Oxford boats of a number of awesome night clubs and bars that promises an exotic life and loads of fun. Some of the most wonderful places to make most of night life of Oxford are Mood, Imperial Club, Baby Bar Love, Escape, Duke of Cambridge, The Bridge and many more.

Entertainment in Oxford

With restaurants offering some of the best cuisines of the world, night clubs, pubs, bars, you will never fall short of entertainment in this vivacious city of Oxford. Apart from all this, there is plenty of cultural sites, theatres, play houses, churches to give you a glimpse of the history of this place.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Oxford

The best thing about dining at Oxford is that you don’t have to compromise over your choice of food, as here you can find anything from Chinese to Lebanese and Indian to French. There are plenty of restaurants and bars that can take care of your appetite.

Where to Stay in Oxford

Oxford put forward various guest houses, cottages, inns, apartments, self catering places and many more to serve as accommodation while your visit to Oxford.

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