Sheffield Travel Guide

Sheffield is a city positioned towards south Yorkshire with an estimated population of about 512,242. The inhabitants of the city of Sheffield are usually referred to as 'dee-dars' owing to their approach in which they utter their 'th's in thee and thou. The inhabitants reflect a large presence of Polish as well as Somalian origin and much control can be found of old Norse over the language as well as the dialect due to the presence of Vikings years back in the city.

The city has a rich history reflected with the evidence of cave dwellings tracing back to 10,000-43,000BC. Evidence of Britain's first house dating back to 8000BC can also be found in the city limits. The city continued through Celtic Brigantes tribes, as well as the Roman and Anglo-Saxon settlement. At present, Sheffield is noted for its Steel as well as Knife industry.

Sheffield promises electrifying events, plenty of entertainment and mind bowing attractions to visit. There are various parks and woodlands to get you hooked. It is definitely a tempting place to send your next vacation. You will find comfortable stay with so many hotels and other modes of accommodation. The city is well connected with transportation that makes it simple to explore the major events, as well as attractions of this place. It has a number of major attractions that entices a large number of visitors from round the world. With plethora of places of interest, awesome dining places, it makes an ideal destination for your next vacation.

Hotels in Sheffield

Whether you are going for pleasure or business, no matter what your purpose is you can surely find a comfortable stay while visiting Sheffield. You can choose to stay close to the heart of the city centre, the Peak District National Park or even the leafy suburbs. There are plenty of hotels that can be a luxurious stay for you and your family like Hilton Hotel North Quay, Marriott Hotel, Novotel Sheffield, The Cutlers Hotel Sheffield and many more.

Famous Places in Sheffield

If you are someone who is interested in cultural and industrial heritage, then there is a lot to explore here. There is Chatsworth and Hardwick Hall, internationally reputed stately homes reminding of its glorious past. You will be astonished with the richness and beauty of its wide open spaces. Come and explore this green city with stunning countryside.

Night Life in Sheffield

Sheffield has a number of night clubs that would steal your heart. One of the most popular ones is Gatecrasher One. Most of the club nights comprise of Techno, Breakbeat and many more.

Entertainment in Sheffield

Sheffield boats of a lot of exciting events to keep your spirit high. There are a large number of clubs, concerts, shows and live gigs. Apart from this, you can indulge in major sports activities. Theatre, comedy, classics and much more is there for you. It has some of the coolest clubs, as well.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Sheffield

There are plenty of restaurants in Sheffield, which offers world famous cuisines. You can enjoy complete liberty while dining, as here you can easily find any sort of food including Carribbean, Chinese, English, French, Greek, Persian, Japanese, Lebanese, Thai, Turkish and many more.

Where to Stay in Sheffield

You can make your choice amongst various inns, cottages, apartments, self catering places or anything else.

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