Southampton Travel Guide

Southampton is a port as well as a city positioned towards the south of England. It has always been division of Hampshire till the year 1997, when it was formed a county in its own right, though it continues to be a part of Hampshire for official purposes and universal convention. During the Second War, it was heavily bombed and lots of its historical buildings were damaged and lost as a consequence. Nevertheless, the city walls were kept intact and exist till date. It is also renowned for the port from where the famous Titanic sailed prior to be sunk by an iceberg. At present, Southampton has a population size of roughly 221,193.

Southampton is the largest city located on the south coast of England. This county of Hampshire is a major port and the nearest city to the New Forest. It is a historic old town with various shopping venues and restaurants offering some of the most delicious cuisines. This lively city has a lot to offer its visitors, as well as residents. Some of its major attractions are that it comprises of the best art galleries of the UK; you can catch blockbusting music. Here you will find some of the most amazing concert halls with art galleries and theatres, City Art Gallery incorporates almost 3500 art works including six centuries. Then there is Millais Gallery and The Art House Southampton Gallery Café. Being closely linked with the sea, it boasts of world class ports and several cruise ships every year.

Hotels in Southampton

There are very many hotels in Southampton that would offer comfortable stay while your visit to this wonderful place. Some of these are The Montagu Arms Hotel, Dolphin Hotel, The Elizabeth House Hotel, The Winston Hotel, The Star Hotel, Potters Heron Hotel and many more.

Famous Places in Southampton

The famous places in Southampton are Hall of Aviation, Millais Gallery, Museum of Archaeology Southampton, The Bridge Gallery, Paultons Amusement Park, WestQuary Shopping Mall and Gata Gallery café. This historical city has a wide range of art galleries, museums and beautiful parks.

Night Life in Southampton

Southampton includes a large number of historic and traditional pubs, music venues, bars and everything required for a perfect night out. The enthralling nigh clubs would definitely live up to your expectations.

Entertainment in Southampton

With plethora of historic museums, Southampton has a lot to offer as far as entertainment is concerned. You can indulge yourself in sports, theatres and much more. Then there are various art galleries, museums and parks that can be magnificent to explore.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Southampton

A wide range of restaurants and bars can be found in Southampton. These include various Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Italian and other restaurants. You can relish a dish of your choice.

Where to Stay in Southampton

To stay comfortably without letting it affect your budget, you can choose among a large number of options like inns, apartments, self catering, cottages and so on.

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