St Albans Travel Guide

St Albans is positioned towards southern Hertfordshire. During the Roman times, it was known as 'Verulamium'. The town developed from the hill wherein a British martyr, St Alban, who was the 1st of his kind, to be beheaded throughout the years approximately 324 CE. Particularly, the Royal Navy has named six of its ships, HMS St Albans through its existence. Amongst St Albans famous inheritor is Samuel Ryder, who set up the Ryder Cup as well as Francis Bacon. St Albans is a look-alike to the Nyíregyháza in Hungary as well as Nevers in France.

At present, the city of St Albans has comparatively costly housing owing to it's closeness to London and it's big number of public houses.

St Albans is the chief urban area of the City and District of St Albans, located in southern Hertfordshire, England. It is a major tourist destination that attracts various visitors from different parts of the world. Earlier, it was referred to as Verulamium by the Romans, then it was renamed St. Albans on the name of the first Christian martyr of Britain. At present, imposing cathedral and the Roman heritage entices a huge number of visitors all through the year. You can enjoy awesome place for shopping, an annual events programme, various pubs and restaurants and an array of evening entertainment. It is the oldest town of Hertfordshire, a contemporary city molded by 2000 years of occupations and various activities. There are plenty of amazing places and historical monuments to be explored.

Hotels in St Albans

You will very many luxurious hotels in St Albans to stay while spending vacation with your family. You can easily find place, as per your specific needs. Some of the hotels located near the major attractions of this place are St Michael Manor, Ardmore House Hotel, Quality Hotel St Albans and many more.

Famous Places in St Albans

Being a historical place, St Albans boasts of a large number of major attractions for its visitors, as well as residents. There is magnificent Abbey Church dominating the skyline of the city in every respect, whose architect is a perfect blend of various different times. It is the shrine of St Albans, who drew pilgrims from far and wide and led to the growth of this city. Some other famous places of St Albans are Abbey Gateway, Verulamium Museum, Roman Theatre, Kingsbury Watermill and so on.

Night Life in St Albans

You can enjoy the most happening night clubs in St Albans. These include Bar 62, Mayflower, Blue Anchor, The King Harry and so on.

Entertainment in St Albans

You will never feel bore while visiting this vivacious place. There are lots of churches, art galleries and museums. Then there are amazing restaurants and pubs to drink and dine. You can indulge in sports, as well.

Top Restaurants & Bars in St Albans

Some of the popular places to eat and drink are Alban Tandoori, American Crispy Chicken, Anastasia’s Greek Restaurant, Anatolia Restaurant, Bar Meze plc and many more.

Where to Stay in St Albans

For the purpose of accommodation, you can opt for anything from inns, apartments, cottages, self catering places and many more.

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