St Davids Travel Guide

St Davids is the smallest city of the UK with a mere population of 2,000. In accordance to the legend, the city was founded in the year 550 AD by Saint David. The city is positioned in Pembrokeshire within Wales. It was developed as a consequence of the formation of Saint David's Cathedral, that was a renowned centre of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages. In the 14th century, Bishop's Palace was built next to it, which now stands in ruin and is under the care of Cadw. Nevertheless, at present, it is opened to public.

It is presumed that during the year 500 AD, the benefactor saint of Wales, Saint David's birth took place towards south of the city within St Non's, during the year 500 AD. Yet another, legend associated with it is that Porthclais, the city's current port, is where his baptism took place.

St Davids is the smallest city in the UK, which lies on the River Alun in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is the birthplace of Saint David, who was a devoted patron saint of Wales. St Davids is a beautiful city that is surrounded by some of the most unique coastline in Europe. It is a hot favourite location of travelers, artists, pilgrims and many more.
This awesome place is built around the cathedral of St Davidm which was a popular place of pilgrimage for many. It has plethora of places to visit, which include wildlife expedition, island expeditions and lots more. You can enjoy boat trips to add more to your exciting vacation.

Hotels in St Davids

St Davids include a number of hotels that can be a comfortable stay for you and your family. Most of the luxurious hotels are located near the most visited places of St Davids. Therefore, there is no chance of your spending much time in traveling alone. Some of these are Ivybridge Hotel, Old Cross Hotel, Warpool Court Hotel and so on.

Famous Places in St Davids

There are a large number of major attractions in St Davids. There are cultural venues like Carter House, one of the earliest buildings on the Island of St David and oldest homes in Bermuda. St David’s battery is the highest cliffs where you can enjoy most stunning views. There are a number of religious sites, various castles, stately homes, lighthouses, parks and garden and so on.

Night Life in St Davids

St Davids boasts of very many enthusiastic night clubs, pubs that ensures a great deal of fun.

Entertainment in St Davids

If you are looking out for an exciting vacation, then St Davids promises to be an ideal location. It has something for everyone. You can enjoy the serenity of natural parks and garden and hang out for some of the best night out of your life. You can indulge in various sports and enjoy theatres, as well.

Top Restaurants & Bars in St Davids

You can taste the mouth watering dishes from round the world, no matter what your taste and preference. Here are various Italian, English, Chinese, Lebanese and Thai restaurants to delight your taste buds.

Where to Stay in St Davids

Plenty of inns, cottages, apartments and self catering places are there for accommodation that can save a lot on your pocket.

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