Stirling Travel Guide

Stirling is positioned towards the central Scotland. In the year 2001, its estimated population was about 45,115. Stirling got the status of a city in the year 2002 by the Queen of England. The city of Stirling has a rich historical backdrop, and developed around the old medieval buildings and its castle. The city was strategically important in the times of the Roman occupation of England as its comprise of a hill that was uncomplicated to guard.

At point of time, Stirling was also the capital of Scotland. Some of the famous individuals from Stirling can be accounted as Queen of Scots, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, as well as King James VI of Scotland and Mary. The city also accommodates the University of Stirling constructed in the year 1967 that has become a centre of research, with students from across 80 countries.

Stirling city is the former ancient burgh in Scotland and is located at the heart of the Stirling council area. It is the newest city of Scotland and at the same time the most historic one. It is a perfect blend of cutting edge contemporary culture and the old town. It is considered to be the best small city of Scotland. There are wide range of huge fortress, medieval old town and various other historical sites to visit. It is an astounding place to visit with enriching history, modern culture, where Highlands and Lowlands intersect. It is the perfect place to be if you are interested in the history with battles, kings, heroes and villains. It weaves a complete interesting story from the Castle gates to Scotland’s being the youngest city. Apart from so many exciting places to visit, it promises delicious food, entertaining night life and soothing accommodation. What else can be expected from an ideal holiday?

Hotels in Stirling

You can choose among a large number of luxurious hotels in Stirling. Some of the hotels that can be found in Stirling are Cairn Lodge Hotel, Culcreuch Castle Hotel, The Woodside Hotel, The Dalgair Hotel and many more. Make your choice of hotels, in accordance to your convenience and monetary constraints.

Famous Places in Stirling

Stirling has a lot to offer those having a thirst of arts and culture. There are plenty of parks and gardens, beautiful castles and monuments. Some of the most prominent being Stirling Castle, the National Wallace Monument and the Church of the Holy Rude, epitomizing the royalty of its enriching past. You will come across a number of unexpected sites and wonderful archaeology experience.

Night Life in Stirling

Night life adds vibrancy to this already exciting city. There are plenty of night clubs, bars and pubs that would add zing to your night out.

Entertainment in Stirling

Entertainment knows no bounds in Stirling with so many theaters, restaurants, pubs, night clubs and many more awesome places to visit. It ushers an extensive range of options for visitors, as well as residents.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Stirling

Stirling brings a number of restaurants and bars offering world famous cuisines.

Where to Stay in Stirling

The place of accommodation for your stay in Newry would depend upon various factors. There are so many avenues including lodges, cottages, inns, apartments and self catering places to choose from.

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