Sunderland Travel Guide

Sunderland is positioned towards the north east of England within the County of Tyne and Wear. It has a population size of roughly 278,958 as in the year 2002 with a population density of about 2,028 per km². In the year 1992, it got the city status, which was also the year of the 40th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's accession to the throne.

The city of Sunderland is strongly a Labour constituency and has been since the 1974, with persuasive vote victories for Labour class in this area. The city accommodates one university that is the University of Sunderland. The ethnicity of Sunderland dominantly comprises of whites with a minority of South Asians.

Sunderland is located at the mouth of River Wear and is an awesome tourist destination. It is a charming city with modern, busy centre that is gelled well with the soothing green environment refreshing surrounding and beautiful coastal scenery. The quality of life and environment go hand in hand in Sunderland. It is surrounded by easily accessible countryside to offer its visitor completely soothing atmosphere. It has plethora of awesome locations to visit. The most striking thing about visiting this beautiful city is that it has something for everyone, right from religious sites to exciting pubs and restaurants. All this and lots more makes it a wonderful place to visit.

Hotels in Sunderland

Innumerable options are there to serve as accommodation for you in Sunderland. The list of most luxurious hotels includes Hotel Sunderland Marriott, Roker Hotel, Hotel Travelodge Sunderland Central and so on.

Famous Places in Sunderland

There are several sightseeing places, art galleries and museums located in Sunderland to take care of your artistic interests. Some of the most visited locations in Sunderland are Hylton Castle, Sunderland Lustreware Pottery, The City Library Arts Centre, The Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art and many more.

Night Life in Sunderland

Sunderland has been recently declared to be the most wonderful night out in the country. There is a wide range of night clubs, pubs, bars so that you can make most of your vacation. Rejuvenate yourself with great music, rocking live performance and finest drinks.

Entertainment in Sunderland

Sunderland boasts of a number of art galleries, museums, theatres and lots more that talks at length about this city. Various theatres and cinemas are also there. You can dine the most awesome food in the world famous restaurants and enjoy in several pubs and night clubs. For sporty spirit, there is racing and many other sports activities to indulge in.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Sunderland

Sunderland boasts of very many highly acclaimed restaurants, where you can enjoy world famous cuisines. Here you can find everything from Chinese, Italian, Thai, Lebanese, English and Indian to tickle your taste bud.

Where to Stay in Sunderland

You can choose to stay in an inn, apartment, lodge, cottage, self catering place or whatever suits your needs well. You can also consider your budgetary constraint while deciding upon the location to stay in Sunderland.

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