Truro Travel Guide

Truro is a city positioned within the County of Cornwall, and accommodates a population-size of 19,000. It encloses within its limit the famous Truro Cathedral, built in the year 1910 as well as the Royal Cornwall Museum. Truro with Morlaix is a look-alike town to Brittany in the Northern France. The history of the city of Truro dates back to the 12th century that is corroborated by a castle built by Richard Lucy, who was the Chief Justice of England in the reign of Henry II. The famous industries that were founded herein are an iron foundry, tin smelting, pottery, a tannery, pottery as well as carpet and wool making.

Truro is the commercial and administrative centre of Cornwall. It became trendy with the wealthy merchants, whose earned money from tin mining. In addition to this, it was the centre of county society. It is clearly reflected with eth Georgina’s Terraces with some of the best architect west of Bath. This city comprises of excellent shopping centers, leisure centers, cinema, various performing arts and the Hall for Cromwell. Here you will also find Truro Cathedral with three spires, styles in classic Gothic revival style. With so many stunning places to visit, Truro is a must visit.

Hotels in Truro

A great deal of hotels is there to offer you a comfortable stay, most of which are closely located near the major attractions of Truro. You can easily find accommodation as per your particular requirements.

Famous Places in Truro

Truro includes a large number of awesome places to visit including Cathedrals, museums, parks and gardens and very many exciting destinations. There is Royal Cornwall Museum, Bosvigo Gardens, Truru cathedral and many more.

Night Life in Truro

You will be astonished with the rejuvenating night life of Truro. Plenty of exciting night clubs and pubs are also there, offering music, drinks and tons of fun.

Entertainment in Truro

Truro promises lots of fun and excitement with so many amazing places to visit and adventurous things to do. There are a number of theme parks, adventure and activity centers, gardens, holistic centers and arbours. You can visit various historical sites, museums and cathedrals. Then, there are several natural reserves and wild life parks to explore. Apart from all this, Truro boasts of a large number of places to dine, drink and make merry.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Truro

No matter what you wish to taste during your stay in Truro, the large number of top class restaurants offer world famous cuisines to take care of your epicure nature. There are an extensive range of Italian, Russian, Australian, Thai, Lebanese, Chinese, Japanese and many more restaurants and bars.

Where to Stay in Truro

Truro opens up more than one option for its visitors that can be a comfortable accommodation while spending your vacation. You can choose to stay in an apartment, inn, lodges, cottages and self catering places. Make your choice, according to your need and budget and enjoy Truro with great comfort.

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