Winchester Travel Guide

The city of Winchester is positioned within Hampshire towards the south east England. It has a population size of roughly 108,122, and has a comparatively low density of population at a sheer 164 per km². The city of Winchester is ranked the 62nd largest city in terms of area at more or less 660.97 km²; therefore it's relatively low density and is quite a prosperous region.

The city is also renowned for being the past capital of England, during the reign of Alfred- The Great. It wraps up a rich history that dates back to the Iron Age in circa 150BC, when a fort was constructed on St Catherines hill.

Winchester is a historic city in England, which is the administrative capital and county town of Hampshire. This city of Winchester includes a large number of notable places to visit. It includes Winchester Cathedral, which is the longest cathedral of Europe. There are several fine examples of great architecture from the 11th to the 16th century, various Bishops of Winchester and many such crucial sites to visit. You can indulge in very many sports and enjoy shopping, as well. You won’t be disappointed with the provision of accommodation.

Hotels in Winchester

Winchester boasts of a large number of hotels that can serve you as a luxurious accommodation, while your stay in Winchester. Most of these are located close to the major attractions of the city.

Famous Places in Winchester

Being a historic city, Winchester opens up an extensive range of options for its visitors and its residents. Some of the notable places to visit in Winchester are cathedrals, museums, Winchester castle and many more. You can also take note of its natural beauty through various parks and gardens.

Night Life in Winchester

Night brings immense pleasure with exciting and thrilling night life in Winchester. You can plan a memorable night out in very many night clubs, pubs and bars and enjoy music, drinks and live performances.

Entertainment in Winchester

You will feel immensely entertained in the city of Winchester, as there you can enjoy an extensive range of choices for drinking, dining and making merry. It is flooded with a number of top restaurants and bars, in fact the night life of this city is all the more exhilarating than the day time. Apart from this, you will find several places to explore.

Top Restaurants & Bars in Winchester

Plethora of top restaurants and bars are located in Winchester that offers world class cuisines to delight your taste buds. You can get anything yearn for including Italian, Thai, Lebanese, Chinese, Indian, English and many more dished. Most of the restaurants are scattered across this city, so you will be spoilt for choices for dining, as well as drinking.

Where to Stay in Winchester

Winchester offers various lodges, self catering places, apartments, cottages and many more. This way you can easily find a place in accordance with your needs and budgetary constraints and enjoy your vacation to Winchester thoroughly.

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